Copyright: A Day in the Life of Jack – by “Matthew C”

For our final project, Logan, Michael, and I created a short film about a normal college student named Jack who tries to go through a day following copyright law.  He soon realizes how difficult the task is and hilarity (hopefully) ensues.  A scholarly professor type keeps a running tab throughout the day of Jack’s various violations and provides brief explanations of some of the legal issues.  The film should illustrate the massive gap between the letter of the law and the way we live our lives.

We were inspired by articles like the Tehranian reading in which a law professor racks up multi-million dollar damages for seemingly innocuous behavior.  By portraying the logical conclusion of copyright laws, hopefully we’ve helped in the crusade to unmask absurdity.

It’s been a great class and I hope everyone enjoys the video!

Because of issues with the file size, the video had to be uploaded as 8 separate clips.  The following is the link to the first clip of 8. The rest of the clips will automatically play when the first one is complete.

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