Re:Re:Re:Mix. A project by Brendan Griffiths and Brian Watterson. – by “Brendan G”

Re:Re:Re:Mix is a project about the issues and implications surrounding fair use and copyright law. In 2007 YouTube released Content ID, a system that enables copyright holders to choose in advance whether they want to track, monetize, or remove their content from YouTube entirely. The system uses fingerprinting technology to identify a copyrighted work by comparing audio and video tracks. If either match, the video will be flagged by the system and the copyright holder will be notified. The problem is that Content ID doesn’t consider fair use. And it can’t, because only a human can discern between an infringing work and one that falls under fair use, a doctrine which allows for commentary, news reporting, research, teaching and scholarship, and criticism.

As makers we feel it is important to highlight these problems and inform other artists of their rights. All creative works are referential to some degree, and to prohibit works from entering the zeitgeist of Internet culture is in direct conflict with the original intention of copyright law: to promote the progress of science and useful arts.

One thought on “Re:Re:Re:Mix. A project by Brendan Griffiths and Brian Watterson. – by “Brendan G”

  1. Yep I got those warning emails too when I do my amv’s and other random videos. Honestly I think they don’t really care that much unless its completely plagiarized, I’ve taken like 20 secs out of a MV without a problem.


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