– by “Sebastian P” and RepEconomy on twitter is the final project of Andrew Gu, Avi Sutton, Kai Chao, Meryln Deng, Sebastian Park, and Shirley Berry.

The goal of this website is to expand on the growing base of information about reputation economies.  This site does not represent all different branches of reputation economies, but it does include different perspectives on how reputation economies are viewed.  We also hope to provide information regarding how reputation economies can be studied (in our game theory and experiment section).

Generally defined, a reputation economy is a group whose “currency” relies on a measure of reputation (diversely defined) within a community or domain.  Reputation measures, while heterogeneous in type, are based on a collection of opinions that other entities hold about the consumable goods.  These opinions come from ratings that are centralized through an algorithm.

On our web site, you will find:

  • Legal implications of real-world reputation economies
  • Our own “car sales” experiment to measure the persistence of reputation over time
  • Examples of real-world reputation economies that span from games to non-profit reputation economies
  • Game theory implications of reputation economies
  • Additional resources for further reading
  • Link to our twitter
  • Link to our presentation from class, which includes a summary of our project initiatives as well as questions that need to be considered.

We are more than happy to answer any questions.  We encourage you to browse through the website.

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