Could you be an entrepreneur? – by “Alexander I – YLT2012”

Yalies are career-oriented, ambitious people and while I find it heartening that a growing number of students are deciding not to sell their souls to investment banks, it could be problematic that more and more people have decided they have what it takes to be entrepreneurs. As a form of guidance to these people (many of whom are my friends), I have created a flowchart to give them a good idea of what their career goals should really be if they are considering becoming entrepreneurs.


If people end up being well-suited to be entrepreneurs as indicated by the flowchart–or are convinced that I’m a moron (not exactly a crazy assertion)–and they have an idea they believe solves an important problem, then they should apply to a variety of accelerators, incubators, and seed venture groups in order to launch their products. To be of assistance, I have compiled another flowchart to let them know which programs to apply to; if they find a statement true, then they should apply to the corresponding program.

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