CoderHeap – Where Coders and Entrepreneurs Meet – by “Thad D”

CoderHeap ( is a web-based service that brings computer programmers, graphic designers, and entrepreneurs within the same college together.  Sign up is completely free, and we will never charge for any of the standard features.  For now, the alpha candidate is doing a closed release to Yale University and Villanova University, so only those with an or email will be allowed to register and participate.

With CoderHeap, you are instantly connected to talented members of your school instantly.  Here’s how it works.  First you register through the homepage and verify your account using a valid email address.  Then, you instantly have access to “The Stack”, a prioritized feed of network activity to tell you who’s doing what at your school.  When you visit your profile, you have the ability to edit all the relevant information (including what languages you know, what areas of work you are involved with, and creating a portfolio of recent materials).  Finally, entrepreneurs are able to post a job in less than two minutes using the CoderHeap job creation tool.  Once it is live, anyone who wishes to can apply to the job quickly, and entrepreneurs can hand out decisions with a click of a button.

But here’s the best part.  CoderHeap allows you to constantly update your information to reflect your most recent resume.  No more resending resumes to employers, no more checking in about the status of your application, no need to constantly check a website for the decision (CoderHeap emails you instantly once the decision is made).

I hope everyone at Yale and Villanova enjoys the alpha, and we here at CoderHeap look forward to moving to more schools in the future.  Please, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at at any point.

Thank you,

Thaddeus Diamond


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