Amazon Overtakes Zappos: Bezos Buys Out Other Entrepreneurs and Controls Online Shopping – by “Kendall W”

Entrepreneurship is completely based on modern day innovations.  These innovations are targeted and publicized, and usually created to have a long life.  But that isn’t always the case.  Aside from digital flops and entrepreneurship failures, many innovative companies and websites sell out in their economic prime.  For a variety of reasons, large digital business conglomerates purchase up-and-coming sites.  Such is the case with Amazon.

Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive officer of Amazon, is a leader in business-oriented technology advancements.  He has transformed the American shopping experience.  Amazon is considered the ultimate megasite-superstore.   It’s where you go to get deals on books, clothes, cosmetics, televisions, instruments and more, in the click of a button.  Heeding his own tips on innovation and entrepreneurship, especially those geared towards customers, Bezos grew his start-up from the ground up.  In the process of developing into its current enormity, Amazon had to overtake tons of other innovative start-ups.  One such company is Zappos.

Zappos acquiesced to Amazon for a variety of economic reasons, many of them still unknown.  But the easy mergence raises questions about the stability of digital entrepreneurship.  The Internet is intended to be a free space, filled with endless possibilities, easy access, and an open market.  This atmosphere is what ultimately allows for “entrepreneurship in the digital economy.”  But, with conglomerates so easily consuming the smaller, although still successful startups, tradeoffs unwarranted by the consumer are made.  Although access is made easier, the unique retail experience was jeopardized.  Jeff Bezos reigns over America’s online shopping experience.

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